Corporate Realty Partners & Co., Inc.’s veteran staff of experienced sales and asset management personnel brings over 40 years of real estate finance and related services to every assignment. Our staff enjoys the unique benefit of well-honed community based relationships, which offers our clients market specific focus of their realty needs. Regional and Area Social Service Agencies often utilize our vast multi neighborhood market knowledge and business operating experiences to enhance their market and development teams.

Should your organization require the experienced knowledge of our staff in assisting with your projects; we stand ready to provide those realty services.

Finally, should you or your staff have questions or concerns regarding your next development, sale or repositioning of any Properties; commercial, office, retail, residential or special use, look no further than the experienced staff of Corporate Realty Partners & Co., Inc. to assist and enhance your development.

As a service industry business, the need to provide and have solid market information and skilled assistance through knowledgeable associates can only enhance your company's realty exposure through our various realty specialties. Our property listings, and our varied asset management services are available as needed.

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Let one of our experienced sales personnel show you how to maximize your next development, identify your new headquarters location or select your newest chain leading location.